If you’re living in the Western region of the country, you’re in a car theft hotspot. According to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, the 10 cities with the most car thefts are located in this region. While most of the country’s car theft numbers are decreasing, this area saw an increase of 10.6 percent annually.

Since the peak of car thefts in 1991 (1,661,738 stolen), national car theft rates have dropped more than 50 percent to 724,672 thefts. However, no major city, according to the National Insurance Crime Bureau, is immune to car theft. Knowing what to do in case your car gets stolen is important, as quick action can mean a better likelihood of having your car returned.

If you return to the spot where you parked your car and it’s not there, do the following.

Look Around You


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Do you know how to wash your car properly? Splash some water on and maybe scrub a big with a rag, right? Not quite. Here are some of the most important things you should and shouldn’t do when washing a car.

A Car Wash is Not a One Time Task

The Rinse Job

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According to the U.S. Department of Transportation, approximately 17% of weather-related crashes are associated with snow and sleet. Driving in winter weather is challenging even for experienced drivers. Before you hit the pavement in snowy conditions, run through this quick list of things you should never do.

Forget to Equip Your Car


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Winter driving conditions are dramatically different from those you face in summer. Equip your car before the first snow so you’re not driving with a car that’s ill-prepared. Put all-weather or snow tires on your car and make sure they have a 4.8 millimeter deep tread. Check your fluid levels regularly, and make sure you’re using the right fluids for cold weather. A 5W30-weight oil is the best winter choice for most new cars, but your vehicle’s manual can give you more detailed information.

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Although most auto mechanics are honest, there are always a few bad apples looking to squeeze a few extra dollars out of you. This is why it is important not to drop your car off at just any old place down the road. The better business bureau receives about 14,000 complaints every year about auto repair service, billing, and refund issues. Here are some steps you can take to avoid getting scammed by your mechanic.

Investigate the Shop

Investigate the Shop

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Although your car is just a means of transportation, its mechanical soul needs a little love now and then. Regularly scheduled maintenance is necessary in order to keep your 4-wheeled friend on the road, but there are some signs to look for in between maintenance appointments to ensure everything is running in tiptop shape. With automobile health in mind, here are five reasons why cars break down and what you can do to avoid turning your vehicle into a jalopy.

1. Bad Battery or Alternator


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If your car’s engine is its heart, then the battery is definitely its pacemaker. Without a fully functional battery, your car can experience ignition problems as well as malfunctioning electrical components that can leave you broken down on the side of the road.

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Perhaps nothing is as subjective as beauty. Many auto enthusiasts prefer the gigantic grills popular during the 1930’s. Others enjoy the grisly muscle cars of the 1960’s, or the modernistic look of the 1980’s. While no two motorheads might agree on the particular order of any “most beautiful cars” list, few would argue that each of these deserves a placement in the list.

1964 Aston Martin DB5


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If you love cars, and are looking for the perfect job, there are several options. You can combine your love of vehicles with money earning potential, no matter what your skill set. Take a look at some of the top job options for people who love cars and want to work with them.

1. Car Dealer

One of the great options for those who want to work with cars on a daily basis is to go into the car sales business. Working as a car dealer, you get to see and learn more about a variety of cars. Depending on what type of dealership you work with, you may only sell your favorite brand, or you might get the chance to work with a large number of cars. Instill your passion for the vehicles in others as you tell them about the perfect car for their situation and family. continue reading…

Owning a car is like any other relationship, the more you put into it the healthier it will be. A neglected vehicle (like a jilted lover) knows exactly when and where to hit you where it hurts. It will rebel against your inattention at the worst possible time and place, and preferably in the worst weather conditions imaginable. Show your automobile a bit of TLC by learning these few simple maintenance techniques. Not only will they prevent problems, they’ll also extend the life of the vehicle and save you money on mechanics.

Tuning Into Your Tires


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The most basic car care is to keep taps on your tire pressure. Not only is a low tire more likely to cause you a blowout, but it also reduces your fuel mileage, costing you at the pump. To find out what the optimal tire pressure for your vehicle is, open your driver’s door and look at the sticker on the edge of the door panel, near the door handle. This sticker tells you the manufacturer’s recommended tire pressure. Check tire pressures at least once per week.

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