If you love cars, and are looking for the perfect job, there are several options. You can combine your love of vehicles with money earning potential, no matter what your skill set. Take a look at some of the top job options for people who love cars and want to work with them.

1. Car Dealer

One of the great options for those who want to work with cars on a daily basis is to go into the car sales business. Working as a car dealer, you get to see and learn more about a variety of cars. Depending on what type of dealership you work with, you may only sell your favorite brand, or you might get the chance to work with a large number of cars. Instill your passion for the vehicles in others as you tell them about the perfect car for their situation and family.

2. Auto Body Painter

4 Jobs For Car Lovers

Image via Flickr by Hello Chaos

Do you have some artistic skill and technical know-how to go along with your love of cars? If so, consider a career in auto body repair. As a painter for cars, you’ll need to understand how to properly get the car ready for its paint. In addition, if you’re a great artist, you may get custom orders for paint jobs that use your skills.

However, even if you don’t have the artistic skill, as long as you know what looks good, you’re set. Deciding on colors and styles is an important aspect of this job, so it’s crucial you understand color theory and what looks great.

3. Vehicle Mechanic

If you’re great with cars, you should look into becoming a mechanic. Mechanics are able to diagnose problems within a car and get them fixed. There are different types of mechanics, and a variety of options. Whether you choose to open your own shop or work for a dealer, it’s up to you.

When you decide to become a mechanic, you get to work on cars all day, every day. You’ll learn more about a large number of cars than any other industry would allow. You can get a degree in vehicle maintenance, as well, to enhance your knowledge and skill.

4.  Auto Journalist

Do you love to write, try out new cars, and see your name in print? Consider getting into auto journalism. There are several car magazine, as well as online-only publications that are frequently looking for new writers. Some of these positions allow you to test drive new cars and then review them. Others have you do interviews with racers, car designers, and more. Depending on where your expertise lies, there are many opportunities available to writers in the auto journalism field.

Getting a job that you love is important. If your passion is cars, there are many job opportunities all over the world. No matter what type of skill set you have, there are jobs that will work perfectly for you. With so many options, it’s no surprise that car lovers are able to find careers working with vehicles on several levels.