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Although your car is just a means of transportation, its mechanical soul needs a little love now and then. Regularly scheduled maintenance is necessary in order to keep your 4-wheeled friend on the road, but there are some signs to look for in between maintenance appointments to ensure everything is running in tiptop shape. With […]

If you love cars, and are looking for the perfect job, there are several options. You can combine your love of vehicles with money earning potential, no matter what your skill set. Take a look at some of the top job options for people who love cars and want to work with them. 1. Car […]

Owning a car is like any other relationship, the more you put into it the healthier it will be. A neglected vehicle (like a jilted lover) knows exactly when and where to hit you where it hurts. It will rebel against your inattention at the worst possible time and place, and preferably in the worst […]

Welcome to the Complete Automotive of Seattle Dealership Blog where we will be discussing all things cars. It’s our aim to serve each customer after the buying experience and even potential customers with helpful information, dealership news, and do-it-yourself maintenance tips. Let this be your source for useful information about cars. If you like what […]